Bitten Accidentally to Bring Misery

Indonesian Media Digital Clipping | Ilham Q. Moehiddin

Media Published | GAMMA Weekly Newsmagazine

Number/Date of publised: Number 19/III, Juni 20 – 26, 2001

Reporting Compl. | Healty Reporting

Reporters | Ilham Q. Moehiddin

Compartement | Healty

Two last week, Kendari city very to grasp. Every corner in this town, at night, caste to be on one’s guard. Not to except police officer. The police can be shot everytime. But not for to wipe out criminals or provocator one political insiden. An target to be shot by policeman are wild dogs, cats and monkey an assumption rabies virus infected.

The animals often to bitten any people. The bitten victim already to fall. Until the hospital can be to patch many victim again. Some else victim, Agussalim, 13 year old and Nirmalayati, 21 years old, to die bacause this rabies virus. Ironicly, two victim of there can be hospital helped, because paramedic to late given them antirabies serum immediatly.

After of two victim died, still 18 people else to identification attacking this virus; includ one babies. This data not yet includ many victim in a few subdistrict area of Kendari city; Aundonouhu, Konda, Soropia and Asera. “The paramedic team still to count totally victim. But the victim prosentase still a small, if comparison rabies attack data in 1992,” dr. Nuriamin says. Nuriamin is Chief of  Contaqious Endemic Prevention, The Healty and Social Departement, Sulawesi Tenggara.

The Major of Kendari city, Masyhur Masie Abunawas; to hurry up form a team to clearing this rabies endemic. Every people in town an to propess the dogs, cats and mongkey; to request vacsinated them animal sun from that deadtly virus. After that, a preventive actions from goverment team; shotting, anasthetization, and poisoning at many wild dog, cat and mongkey.

Goverment resolute to people in town; called this issued too. This called issue for every people in town not to follow the torbited. The exterminate intruction from major in acsepted more community in four satelite area in the city. Every people in town must to guarded they area averytime for antisipation to victim by dogs attacking again. The resulted, many dog without owner die. The dog corpse then be graved.

Be half, the goverment policy and community responding not to followed. Healhty and Social Departement and Edy Sabara hospital responded. The complain from people to hightly price for antirabies serum do not serriously responsive. But, sinyalement to guarred by dr. Izat Manarfa, Chief of Healtly and Social Departement in Sulawesi Tenggara. Manarfa says; “We not to responsibility yet. That serum price it still expensive and limited quantity”. Manarfa tell about antirabies serum not to many production; a half material to imported too. And people must to pay 450.000 rupiah for every injection.

The pharmacy shop owner to confess a limited antirabies serum in the market. They confess not to already many serum stok. But, the reason of pharmacy shop owner; because rabies case very wide apart. “I thing, we can be do it to still manymore serum, because that serum very hightly price,” say the Alfa Zero Farma owner, Delfy Mangesang.

The antirabies serum usefulness not permanently. So, not to be tottaly recovered for a petient too. Manarfa say; the serum quality to preventive only. The rabies virus still stay in petient body and will infected the petient countinully for they all live. “Because, a rabies virus like is paracite and still infected any person where this virus to grow. This serum not to recover; serum just be hold the virus only,” Manarfa explain.

In Sulawesi Tenggara, the percentation of all victim die more low 0,8%; be half in incident in 1992 an 14 people die by this rabies virus. The crazy dog bitten fo all will be found a great stimulate two days after bitten. In the first indication; victim will be high fever, and the last stadium, they will be change of action look like a crazy dog; never stoped salive to drip.

By a human owner high immunities level, to spread this virus in human body still be defences. Many more rabies victim, in the Edy Sabara hospital data, after treatment and to get the serum make still countinues live more seven or teen years old. “If not a complication with one else, may be petient can still live for the long time from that assumtion,” Manarfa clarify. []

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