Baramuli Campaign to Disregard Goverment Prestige

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Number/Date of publised: XIV, Februari 12, 1999

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Mr. Arnold Baramuli presence not to suprised for Sulawesi Tenggara (southeast celebes) people. After presence in September, 1989, Baramuli seing favoureble factor in there. Before, Sulawesi Tenggara is still as Golkar maining of votter elections. And, Baramuli to claim him self be same with east Indonesian people.

In a television interactive dialogue she to throw a statement; if people in east Indonesia region see him in television, course to be choose Golkar; she’s political party. In the people eyes, Baramuli be full charisma like that? Arbab Paproeka, Vice Chief of Partai Amanat National (National Mandate Party) Sulawesi Tenggara to appraise Baramuli want to eksploitate people in east Indonesian region with to personification him self.

Baramuli styles in Apel Akbar (big campaign party), Friday, Fabruary 5, 1999, is not to change people opinion about Golkar attitude in last time. Many political observer to regrat country workers mobilitation and used car goverment facility for carry on hundred young man. For everyone of them, Golkar gived 15.000 rupiah.

Amaluddin Political observer from University of 45, Ujungpandang, says; country workers mobility and money politic by Golkar not to good solutions for want the people simpaty. Amaluddin pupposely come to Sulawesi Tenggara for following Baramuli “political moving”.

“Mr. Baramuli to forget of reformation spirit and people still believe shape of Golkar political the last time. The reality of Golkar political; Baramuli to be in the process of straggling the new political rule who Habibie’s goverment try to contructed,” Alimuddin say.

So far away, Alimuddin to increase; goverment to comfirm explain in Goverment Rule number 5, 1999, in point 3, about a netraly country workers position and do not use goverment facility for campaign any political party. The else paralel rule; Goverment Rule number 12, 1999, point 7:1, about if country workers as still political party member so they position in goverment structure can be otomaticly expire.

“Than is disregard to goverment policy. The mobilitation of country workers for add the campaign party is still maximal used goverment facilities,” Alimuddin given out of rule of Golkar sample.

Mr. Baramuli is now to involved conflict with Barnas (National Troops) Group—Ali Sadikin and Mr. M Kemal Idris cs.—to consequences she’s statement in Palu, Sulawesi Tengah, November, 1989. Mr. Baramuli not to burden for that. “The Palu problem is a small thing,” Baramuli say.

The conections betwen “start stollen” campaign and Baramuli statement about east Indonesia region must be derly. The Golkar by way of Baramuli to used President Habibie positions for get simpaty struggle of east Indonesia region people. Golkar must to be able to a eight of voice votter target in every area elections. And Golkar must be hard to work for that.

Baramuli optimistyc is followed vice exchequer DPP (Centre Leader Element) Golkar, Setya Novanto. Novanto says; people must be concius that Golkar with development as still identicly. That is means, the govermnet to contructed Golkar in eks Presiden Soeharto goverment not to take over by any political party.

“The reason is we to development and begining the political rule in this country. I thing anything else political party can be following the political ritme of Golkar. If than be try, Indonesian development can be hampered slewed down,” Novanto pesimistic.

By the way, Baramuli or Golkar must to take into considerations the people psicological aspec than already out of rule. So, what conection with jargon write “to Humiliate Baramuli as Nean to Insult People of East Indonesia Region”? Let’s we waiting any else the Golkar political trick. []

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