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Indonesian Media Digital Clipping | Ilham Q. Moehiddin

Media Published | GAMMA Weekly Newsmagazine

Number/Date of publised: Number 24/II, November 29 – Desember 5, 2000

Reporting Compl. | Traditional Land

Reporters | Ilham Q. Moehiddin

Compartement | National

Goverment an attack to extermination operation against toward traditional cultur arrangement Moronene people. Just ecomonic interest only.

Never to leave Hukaea-Laea village.

Never to leave the old land…..

Mr. Disi, one of figure the Moronene people, give her last massage string lace, a time before she’s die, in 1999, an incentive spirit for the old community in Sulawesi Tenggara is strunggle. Until this day, the Moronene people still defences in they land, for half preasure from territory goverment in Sulawesi Tenggara.

By way of Operasi Sapu Jagat (The Clearing Earth Operation); the territory goverment to repretion of Moronene people in Hukaea-Laea village, Rarowatu subdistrict, Buton regency, in order to out from the Moronenes land. The operation reason; the area of Moronene people to claim and live must be to concervation, because the Moronene people stay in to Rawa Aopa Watumohai, national park area.

The goverment first operation at Friday, Desember 28, 1997. The goverment team by police, militery, forest officer and goverment officer from three regency area (Kolaka, Buton, Kendari) with seven truck go to attack Hukaea-Laea village. Under gun manece, the goverment team will be shot of teen chief of traditional Moronene people if these people not want to out from national park area.

Though the Moronene people under gun manece, they not affraid and not to go out from there land. The Chief of goverment team, Saleh Umarella, given command to take away in handcuff for teen chief of Moronene people. The teen chief of Moronene in compulsion to go by truck. An caste to try helped, chase away with guns shoot to people house. After that, the goverment team burning all house in two village. A few national park officer be witness for the goverment team action.

Escalation of teror to be high in OSJ-II; Oktober 23, 1998. The goverment team in OSJ-II to burn Moronene people house again. Not only to burning Hukaea-Laea village, moreover for two neigbourhood Hukaea-Laea village; Lampopala and Lanowulu.

The Concequence that represive operation; 47 people of Moronene be jail, 298 Moronene house is burn, dan 881 family in four village to evacuated at forest. Material disadventage can be count, because not any wealth can be taked. One of them, Sarapi, die after burning. “We don’t know what happened. Bacause, all of people run in to the forest; at the time, many police officer burning we village,” M. Amin L, the Sarapi brother give information for GAMMA.

Whatever, the goverment team action is very cruel, but Moronene people not to moving back. In the land, they to contruction village again, on the eks house burning of them. They to plant agains any garden an destroyed by goverment team. At see the hard attitude of Moronene people, goverment to mad again. Can be to prevent, two day before Ramadhan, November 25, 2000, goverment team back to operation cruel. In this OSJ-III team to strength 80 goverment officer; at terriroty police office (Polda Sultra), territory militery headguard (Korem 143/HO); in coordinated by Land Deputy of Governor (Pembantu Gubernur Wilayah Daratan), Saleh Umarella.

Before operation, Saleh Umarella give explained; the OSJ-III not to be like OSJ-I and OSJ-II. “This team in the four village to communicated only at that area must be guard because TNRAW is very important area as concervation regions,” Saleh says. At Saleh explain of the goverment operations make the Moronene people be cheerful.

By the way, the goverment operation an explain by Saleh Umarella not be come peace. People warm reception to get cruel response form the goverment team; 28 people house to demolish by use five cutting tree mechine. Many people can be do anything to see they house to demolish. But, several Moronene people try to contact Non Goverment Organization (NGO) community in Kendari and Jakarta to tell the cruel actions of the goverment team.

Head of Campaign Division and Lobby, National Executive of WALHI, Longgena Ginting, Monday, November 27, 2000, to on take place from Jakarta to Kendari. With Executive Director SULUH Indonesia Foundations, Haris Palisuri—with two staff helped—and few jounalist, Longgena to on take place in Hukaea-Laea village.

Haris Palisuri to explained; the territory goverment of Sulawesi Tenggara try to do genocide (a rasial destroyed) practice, with to destroy drasticly way of Moronene traditional culture and Moronene people too in represive and radicalism action. “The goverment team attitude is very to hurt of Moronene traditional community hearts,” Haris says.

For Longgena Ginting that action definitly to way out of unanimously betwen two Moronene, Mansyur Lababa and Mother Vera, and few departement official linked together in meeting of Jakarta and Kendari. With SULUH Indonesia Foundations mediation and WALHI, in Oktober 17 – 20, 2000, Mansyur and Mother Vera already to meet Minister Erna Witoelar, Director Jenderal of Region Otonomy Mr. Mangara Butar-Butar, and Mr. Widodo from Directorat of Natural Conservations, and National Commision of Human Rights of Indonesia.

Two of Moroenene be report to central goverment in Jakarta to give warning the territory goverment, Sulawesi Tenggara on the cruel actions, and Moronene people can get their acknowledgmant to right and traditional on Hukaea-Laea village an to territory goverment burning. Mr. Mangara to promise will be called the Governor of Sulawesi Tenggara for explained their (territory officer) cruel action; and to explain an the true paradigma about traditional community presence in national park area. Mr. Widodo be explain about organizer paradigma to national park with the people around.

The National Commision of Human Rights see the goverment team action as harm unconstitutional of human rights by territory goverment of Sulawesi Tenggara do it action on the name of conservation. But, spokesman of the human rights commision, Nur Anwar, the repretion of Moronene people be happened bacause the territory goverment still the economic interest be in there (national park). The territory goverment to opened the Kapet Bukari or Economic Building Unity Area of Buton—Kolaka—Kendari in national park area. “The Kapet Bukari expanstion be closed purposely, an be reason when the Moronene people to drive away is a conservation reason only,” Nur Anwar explained.

But, the Minister Erna Witoelar says; the Kapet Bukari not to be change the local economic actor with outsider economic. “Is not true to opening the KAPET, so many people and community at around must be drive away,” Minister Erna says.

Another opinions comes from Longgena; the Moronene traditional people is a national asset, cause the traditional community to played in everytime to natural source  conservation in national park area. The Moronene people is still stay of there land from generation to generation. This community must be integrated with national park ecosistim. Problem is be pile up, because goverment policy with a represive action for Moronene traditional people to wolk together, and to be hidden behind conservation issue it is trick target only. “The inportant target; the territory goverment want to take away the lands function and used economy area concept,” says Longgena again.

At the time, Head of Public Relations Bureau of Territory Goverment Sulawesi Tenggara, Amir Manab on a scale not ceriously to talk about the Moronene people burning case. Amir says; an everything of territory goverment doing, that is a standard procedur. Amir to informated for Moronene people will be give 700 hectare land out from their village, in national park. “The new land will be as new village for Moronene people,” Amir explained. So, why the territory goverment used radicalism and represive actions? Amir Manab can be to answer this questions.

Governor of Sulawesi Tenggara, La Ode Kaimoeddin, to make sure the territory goverment not mean the Moronene people to drive away from there land. “This time many more commers from unknow territory, come and stay in national park, for half the commers can not Moronene people,” Kaimoeddin reason. Kaimoeddin to opened data; from 234 people caste of Hukaea-Laea, only two person to have a Moronene historical etnic. Where as Lanowulu village, from 200 person, only seven is still know have the Moronene historical. The governor to be sorry for WALHI attitude an keep to support the Moronene caste to stay in national park area.

But, Kaimoeddin data’s to WALHI and SULUH Indonesia be quarred. This two biggest Environment Organization to use sigh language if the goverments data is false for to strengthen principle of act to underestimate of human rights in goverment operations. “The Moronene traditional people presence can be quarrel. This is the old community, so that the Moronene people must get a confession and the same behavior in the international of human right rules,” Haris Palisuri to confirm explain.

SULUH Indonesia Foundations and WALHI to support teamwork with eight national NGO; Elsam, YLBHI, Amatra and to made local networking in Kendari for to stan the territory goverment represive act to the Moronene community. The NGO networking to arrange accusation in court, to claim the motivator and executor the OSJ-I, OSJ-II and OSJ-III.

To result of NGO act; the military to go backward in OSJ-III operation. “The territory goverment must be completed of law rules before the act,” Command of Militery Resort (Danrem 143/HO), Kolonel Inf. Makmursyah to explain. Makmursyah to appraise that operations not to profesional and blank mision. And, telling she’s regret on the Moronene people trauma because the burning in OSJ-I and OSJ-II. So, how about OSJ-III, when militery bandaged? []

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