PT Timah Tbk. Will Built Industries Area in Sultra

Reporting by Ilham Q. Moehiddin


PT. Timah Tbk an get the permision maining principal from Regency Government of Buton, Sulawesi Tenggara, to eksploration the natural aspal, will be planning to built industries area in that region.

“This region we will be change the industries area by Timah Co. in distric Lasalimu, 100 km north way from Buton City, in Regency of Buton,” said Chief of Mainning and Energy of Buton Regency, LM. Djafar SH., to journalist in Kendari, Wenesday 30th, August.

Djafar says, since August, Timah Tbk. will be have the proposal about industries area built planning for Government Regency of Buton, but they not yet get the answers because local government give the reason; the proposal is still in learning. The industries area built planning, otomaticly will be take some different sector in the community of local people. For example about invironment dan social problems.

By the way, Djafar says, the industries area in there will be give many positive aspect for community hightly economical standar or depossit pure area (PAD). “If the industries area in there, so money circulation and economic standar will be positive, for have if Timah Co. to recruitment local people for working,” Djafar promise.

But, Djafar not to get if a any partner possitibility in the industries area in the long time. Possibility the other coorporation in the area will be destroyed invironment happened. That fact, Djafar said, this time still to find solution by Government Regency of Buton for run a way or minimalis invironment destroyed effect.

Before, Chief of Buton Regency, Saidoe says, this time the Timah Co. an postive to give principal aspal eksploration in that region, but the government see the coorporation still to eksplorated the natural aspal in 7.000 hectar. And result the eksploration, Timah Co. will get 600 milion tonase.

Talk about all location an will be give mainning principal, Bupati says; can not yet, because the both companies is still be learning the good location, and Government Regency of Buton will  give the permisition that area good for mainning or not. “The principal gived about location of mainning not to be eassy for gived bacause both companies still reseach the top location,” Saidoe said.

The other companies an will be open mainning in there; Olah Bumi Mandiri Co. (OBE). This companies to get principal of mainning aspal in the region. The both companies, will be give max 400 hectar consession and not to possibilities be close a few workers eks Sarana Karya Co. will be gived for the both companies.

Hoppelesly, in this year, the both companies will be begin to do built activity mekanical ekstration for eskploited natural aspal there. “The Government Regency of Buton and Sulawesi Tenggara  Government not to disobey the both companies skill, because the both companies haved more financial and skill about manning eksplorations,” Saidoe said.

OBM Co. as a company have biggest invesment; Sumitomo, the Japanese big coorporate, and Sumitomo have trade mark in aspal ekstration (puring) metode too. And Timah Co. Ltd., have many eksperience in mainning sector, but this coorporate have biggest financial and top human resources in eksploration aspal sector. “If the both companies in operated, so national liguid aspal haved; 1,2 milion tonase per years will be take away. The liguid aspal in the market share have good animo from consumen,” Saidoe says.[]

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