Police Underaresting Seven Malaysian Citizen

–Terorism Suspect Identification

Reporting by Ilham Q. Moehiddin

Kendari, Indonesia.

After  failing to tackdown Noordin M Top, the most wanted terorism in Indonesia, The Republic of Indonesian Police Headquarter, get a high warning again. However, even Dr. Ashary and Noordin it is a Malaysian citizen right now, make out the police to get over more survailance for any Malaysian citizen activity in Indonesia region.

Konawe Resort Police Officer, in Sulawesi Tenggara provence, Indonesia, on Friday, 14th, to take aresting seven Malaysia Citizen, after they’re to make out of permision activity in they’re visa & passport card. Peoples give information about this seven person to the police station. The people get suspected they’re activity on the mosque in Tetemotaha village, Wonggeduku district.

The seven Malaysian Citizen, named are; Hujin bin Haji Ismail, Yusuf bin Abdulrahman, Muh Fauzi bin Arsad, Tengku Ahmad Kamal Al Riffin, Zul Khairi Amin bin Zakaria, Mohd Phaudzi bin Samsuddin, and Hanafi bin Wahhid. They’re age be on 40th and 70th year old.

With turban and white Ghamish, this seven Malaysian citizen make placed on police officer city hall with high guarding by police. For identification, police taking out they’re equipment; seven big carrier, sleeping bag, books, and cooking gears. However, police give them permition to do the religion activity like a prayers (zikir) and reading the Al Quran.

To the police officers, Mohd Phaudzi bin Samsuddin, the chief of this group, says about their activity in Indonesia just for presenting the World Tabliq Jamaah Conference, on Bogor, July 17th.

Bay the way, Mohd Phaudzi said, their comes in Indonesia one day after the conference is ofer, July 18th. To change the schedulle in their visas, their go to Sulawesi Tenggara. In Kendari, their go to do gospel (dakwah) in Haluoleo University.

To the Head of Konawe Police Officer, AKBP Yuyun Yudhantara SIK Msi, the seven Malaysian citizen to get explanation about their mision in Konawe juridiction, their just come to gospel, nothing at all. “We come just to dakwah. Nothing at all. We not have conection with the networking terorism likes the police expectation with us,” said Mohd Phaudzi.

Even about the explanation, Konawe Police Headquarter still carefully and beware to take handle with this seven Malaysian citizen. In the examination on police, Mohd Phaudzi say get good service and good handling with all police officer. Their get good acomodation, and more important, Mohd Phaudzi say, their can still do practicing their believed.

After a week, the police still a tempting the seven Malaysian under high monitoring, until the police get more information and extending identification from the Republik of Indonesia Police Headquarters and Malaysian emmbassy in Jakarta, or consulat general in Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan.

Was Visit to Philipine

AKBP Yuyun Yudhantara, Head of Konawe Police District give explanation about seven Malaysia citizen underaresting in him juridiction. “We take over the reporting of the peoples. And that’s true. We finding out the seven Malaysian citizen, and their do another activity just more out from their permision on the passport,” AKBP Yuyun Yudhantara explain.

Because broken the visas permit, and trespassing of the Indonesia Imigration Law Number 9/1992, article 50 The Indonesian Right, the seven Malaysian citizen can be sure get maximum 5 years prison detention and must be paying 25 milion rupiah.

The Konawe Police Officer still be more investigation about what the seven Malaysia citizen the true activity in Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia. This case is being report to the 88 Police Special Force and Anti-Terorism, and Departement of Foreigh Minister.

“We reporting spacially about one of them named Yusuf bin Abdulrahman. This is a temporary interview result and investigation with the passport. Yusuf  bin Abdulrahman was have records to visit in Philipine. So, we take over the investigation about this men, to 88 Police Special Force and Anti-Terorsm,” said Yuyun, get ending the him explanation. ***

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